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Plan-D Diet

By McCall Prestwich
February 17, 2011

Lose 100 pound and keep it off for 18 years. Sound unbelievable? Dee McCaffrey did it, and then she created the Plan-D Diet, or so the website says. I have my doubts, if only for the fact that I don’t see any loose skin. There’s always loose skin when you lose 100 pounds! But I don’t doubt that it’s possible.

The Plan-D Diet web page focuses on taking action against processed foods, eliminating emotional eating, and “boosting the mood with food.” So far, I have no complaints. It may seem basic. But that’s exactly what a diet plan should be. How does Plan-D Diet work?

The Plan-D Diet Plan

The Plan-D Diet is not the easiest diet plan to follow. It’s a diet plan that has been followed by millions of people for centuries, just not in the United States. And once you get used to a certain way of life, it’s hard to change. But then again, that’s what dieting is all about.

The Plan-D Diet cuts out most of the things that the average American is used to. It cuts out white sugar, white flour, artificial sweeteners, prepackaged food, fried foods, alcoholic beverages (or limits it), oversized portions, and a lot more. It seems like a lot of limitations. So what are you left with?

Plan-D Diet encourages dieters to eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise more, practice healthy portion control, pack healthy meals and snacks, and to stick with friends that help you to achieve your goals rather than sabotaging you all the time.

In other words, Plan-D Diet focuses on healthy living. What’s wrong with that? In return, Plan-D Diet users are not just reporting weight loss. Yes, it’s too hard for some people. But those who can stick to it report improvements in bone and joint health, no more chronic pain, improved heart health, and improvements in self-confidence.

Our Final Conclusion

Every diet comes with a story, and I’m not entirely sure I believe this one. But whether the creator lost 100 pounds or not, the Plan-D Diet does actually work if you put in the time and effort. This isn’t extreme dieting at its finest, it isn’t a low carb or no fat diet. Yes, you could figure out the Plan-D Diet on your own. But most won’t. As basic as it is, most of us could use the extra help.

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