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By McCall Prestwich
December 2, 2009


Leanergy claims that you will finally be able to get all the benefits you are looking for with an amazing formula and therefore impressive results. They claim that you will be able to finally burn fat, increase your metabolism, and otherwise make your body work in a more efficient way that will get you all of the results you are looking for. They claim that Leanergy is the only formula you really need. It would help you to finally eliminate pounds of fat and get that lean and toned body that you have always dreamed of.

What Are The Ingredients?

Leanergy ingredients include garcinia cambogia, green tea, guarana, citrus aurantium, white willow bark, bee pollen, and vanadium. These ingredients do not actually promote weight loss in the amounts used. They do not actually give you the results in general that you are looking for. They have some fat burners such as garcinia cambogia and green tea for example. But they don’t use the clinically proven amounts. Others like bee pollen don’t even relate by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, Leanergy has quite a few ingredients that do not even promote weight loss in the first place. All in all, Leanergy will not promote weight loss at all.

Our Final Conclusion

We would not recommend using Leanergy. Leanergy does not give you the benefits you are looking for, and it doesn’t give you really any benefits at all. Leanergy suffers in so many ways, and they do nothing to make up for it. You could easily find something better, and we would highly suggest that you do realistically speaking.

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