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By McCall Prestwich
March 23, 2011


Chrysin is a flavone that is extracted chemically from the blue passion flower. Small amounts have also been reportedly found in the Indian trumpet flower and honeycomb. Chrysin is most often used as an aromatase inhibitor supplement. This supplement is most often consumed by athletes and body builders and is taken orally.

Recent studies show Chrysin to not be effective as an aromatase inhibitor if consumed orally. In vivo studies showed that unless administered trans-dermally through the skin that Chrysin is not effective. Chrysin most often comes in herbal supplement for. These supplements are often taken for the purpose of stimulating testosterone production or increasing testosterone levels. One study showed that Chrysin is unable to stimulate testosterone production when taken in supplement form.

As believed to be an aromatase inhibitor Chrysin was previously noted for the ability to decrease estrogen levels in the body. Further study shows that Chrysin does not have any effect on estrogen levels in either humans or animals. Laboratory studies from the 1980s showed that Chrysin can penetrate into the body effectively. Further studies outside of the laboratory through in vivo trials showed that Chrysin cannot penetrate the cell membrane, leading to no effect on estrogen levels.

Despite questions about increases in estrogen or testosterone levels, Chrysin has been shown to have ill effects on the thyroid. Trials on mice, both injectable and oral trials, showed that the subjects gained weight, possibly due to alteration in thyroid function.

On the other hand Chrysin is also known as an anti-inflammatory agent due to its ability to inhibit COX-2 expression as well as Il-6 signaling. Current studies are being performed to determine how Chrysin works to relieve anxiety symptoms. In vivo studies prove Chrysin to be anxiolytic in mice, though no studies have been performed in humans.

The popular supplements that contain Chrysin normally promote their ability to increase libido. Studies have shown Chrysin to have some ability to increase libido in rat in vivo studies. Chrysin may also inhibit DNA synthesis and demonstrate cell toxicity.

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