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Burn 60

By McCall Prestwich
May 28, 2010

Burn 60

Burn 60 is a popular GNC product that will start burning your fat away within just seconds. Burn 60 is made to boost your fat burning and metabolism by up to 60%! And with Burn 60, they use their name to ensure that you will get a powerful thermogenic formula that will also boost metabolism and energy. It will give you clinically proven ways to achieve all of the results that you are looking for. With these powerful ingredients, Burn 60 will help you to increase cellular metabolic activity. It works best when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. But the main question would be, does Burn 60 actually work? It produces the best results when taken right before a workout and allowed to maximize the results of that particular workout. But how does Burn 60 actually work?


Burn 60 ingredients include guarana, black tea leaves extract, MegaNatural Grape skin and seed extract, ginger root extract, and dill weed extract. Burn 60 is truly a typical GNC product. They rely on their name rather than creating a valid formula that would actually help you to achieve better results. With Burn 60, you will find that most of the ingredients have nothing to do with fat burning or weight loss results. It does have black tea, which can burn more fat. And it has certain antioxidant power. But this does not necessarily translate into weight loss success. With Burn 60, ginger for example is used to calm an upset stomach. Most of the other ingredients tend to follow suit giving you side benefits at best. And they don’t even bother using the clinically proven amounts of black tea, their one valid ingredient.

Our Final Conclusion

We would not recommend using Burn 60. It does not help you to lose weight, and it does not help you to achieve any other results. With Burn 60, you would just end up wasting more time and money than anything else. It will cause plenty of caffeine related side effects. But ironically, one form of caffeine known as guarana, does not promote weight loss, and the other does not have the clinically proven amounts to pull off any greater benefits. It is quite clear that you should obviously choose something else. There are plenty of far better options with legitimate ingredients, legitimate amounts, and otherwise everything that Burn 60 does not actually have.

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