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Acai XS

By McCall Prestwich
February 20, 2010

Acai XS

Acai XS is made to give you the ultimate weight loss and fat burning results with the power of the acai berry. They claim that it is the #1 fat burning body detox, it will burn fat while boosting metabolism, it cleanses and detoxifies flushing away harmful toxins and waste, and it has the world’s most powerful antioxidants. You can even try it free, satisfaction guaranteed. They claim that apparently, Acai XS will finally help you to flush pounds and pounds of waste and toxins from your body.

What Are The Ingredients?

Acai XS ingredients include 100% pure acai, Hawaiian noni, green tea extract, and reservatrol antioxidants. This being said, honesty speaking, they get Tahitian noni from Tahiti for a reason. It grows there, it is the most abundant there, and realistically there is no reason to get “noni” from Hawaii. This being said, outside of that small technicality, there is the fact that the only ingredient here made for weight loss is green tea, and none of them are actually meant for cleansing. This being said, the simple fact is that they don’t actually have anything that would cleanse, and they don’t have anything otherwise that you would need to actually achieve results.

Our Final Conclusion

They give you about a 12 day trial offer, which means that you will receive your package within about 7 days and then you have 5 days to try it and cancel before they start shipping you expensive auto ship orders at any given time. With Acai XS, you will not actually lose weight. It is just another acai based scam.

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